rules of entry

Rules of Entry (Please Read these rules before uploading your pictures)

  • Images uploaded should depict the theme
  • Images uploaded must have accurate captions and titles written in English
  • Participants must be the author of the picture submitted
  • Participants are allowed to upload a maximum of three images (Portrait or Landscape)
  • Images must be a jpeg file. Editing/cropping via various photo editing programs/applications are acceptable.
  • Images must not contain inappropriate subject matter.
  • Images not submitted in the above mentioned manner will be disqualified from the competition.
  • 9mobile retains exclusive usage rights of images submitted to this competition
  • Artistic creativity is highly desired
  • Only images uploaded and submitted via the website will be accepted
  • Images of the Winner and runners up can be used for publicity and promotional purposes
  • The conditions set out in the Entry rules are binding and 9mobile reserves the right to refuse or exclude any image at its own discretion
  • Participants must ensure that the images submitted is their own work as 9mobile will not be held liable for any copyright or misuse of image issue.
  • Participants are not allowed to have multiple usernames as this will lead to a disqualification.

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